The Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR)
Located in Upstate New York, CUSLAR is a network of dedicated volunteers promoting awareness of the culture and politics of Latin American nations and their relationships with the United States. CUSLAR hosts speakers to share their experiences in research and action, organizes a Latin American film series, publishes a quarterly magazine, and facilitates outreach to public schools. CUSLAR is a resource center for researchers, volunteers, and others who travel between the U.S. and Latin America.
Fair Trade Resource Network
The Fair Trade Resource Network's goal is to raise consumer awareness about improving people's lives through Fair Trade alternatives by gathering and compiling research and data about Fair Trade, providing information about Fair Trade to the public, the media and Fair Trade advocates, galvanizing Fair Trade organizations and individuals seeking to get involved.
 Finger Lakes Group of the Sierra Club
Local group of the Sierra Club, which has over 750,000 members and works to protect our communities and the planet. The Sierra Club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.
 Sierra Club Responsible Trade Campaign
Trade is integrally linked to more traditional environmental issues such our access to clean air, clean water and open spaces to enjoy. The Sierra Club wants trade that is clean, green and fair, where peoples' lives and livelihood's are protected.
 Global Exchange's Fair Trade Campaign
Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting political, social and environmental justice globally. Since 1988, they have been working to increase global awareness among the U.S. public while building partnerships around the world.
Oxfam International's Make Trade Fair Campaign
Maketradefair.com gives a voice to the farmers, labourers, and factory workers who are being cheated by the blatantly unfair rules of world trade. And it gives a voice to you, the consumer, if you want to join them in the call to end exploitation and make trade fair.
 Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages works with artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed, providing sustainable income through fair trade. This income helps pay for food, education, health care and housing. Thousands of volunteers in Canada and the United States work with Ten Thousand Villages in their home communities.




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