What is Fair Trade?
"Fair trade" is a positive form of trade that ensures that the rights of humans and the environment are not forgotten for the sake of profits.  It shows that global trade can foster a positive symbiotic relationship for both producers and consumers.  It is the exchange of goods based on principles of economic and social justice. It provides a fair wage, enables workers to provide for their families, encourages environmentally sustainable practices, and offers hope for the future to farmers and artisans around the world.
Who is the Ithaca Fair Trade Coalition?
The Ithaca Fair Trade Coaltion (IFTC) was founded in May 2003 as a collaberative effort of The Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR), Finger Lakes Group of the Sierra Club, Ten Thousand Villages Ithaca Store, Tompkins County Living Wage Coalition, and other concerned individuals.
IFTC works to encourage consumers to buy fair trade products, assist retailers in finding and stocking fair trade products, supporting producers who produce or want to produce fair trade goods, and supporting the fair trade movement in general.
IFTC also recognizes the importance of buying local products when available and encourages consumers to support and get to know local producers in order to sustain local economies and prevent abuse and exploitation in production.
Join Us!
If you would like to get involved, send us an email at  ithacafairtrade@hotmail.com to find out more about when we meet and our current efforts.



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